A modular
Investment Platform, on-demand

At Kensys we leverage constantly evolving information sources

Evolutive insights

We house exceptionally large volumes of data to stay informed in near-real time on the health of businesses.

The collection of millions of data points, although individually of limited utility for most investors, takes on substantial value when merged on our platform and framed under a novel fundamental investing lens.

We stay ahead by leveraging differentiated perspectives and by using constantly evolving information sources, whichever the size or type, thanks to modern technologies.

Our AI-driven platform is built to capture alpha generation opportunities in tomorrow’s digital and computational age.

A systematic
invesment capability,

Tailor-made strategies

We harness the power of Collective Intelligence to generate investment perspectives across investment mandates and asset classes.

You define the investment universe, objectives, risk and constraint parameters. We leverage our platform to craft optimized investment signals thanks to state-of-the-art quantitative techniques.

We deploy liquid and transparent fundamental strategies that are tailored to your objectives. It’s like having your own investment team, on-demand.