About Kensys

Kensys is the
Investment Platform.

Our AI creates teams of virtual investment experts, on-demand.

Financial markets are now so complex that it has become almost impossible to perform - 89% of US funds underperform their benchmark over 10 years. At Kensys, we leverage technology and artificial intelligence to shift odds and gain a sustainable edge.

We believe that Collective Intelligence applied to Fundamental Investing will deliver superior results.

Thinking outside of the box

We started out in 2020 driven by the idea that the wisdom of a group of experts outperforms individual judgements. We drew inspiration from multiple fields (collective intelligence, sport analytics, complex networks, medicine to name a few) to rethink a fundamental investing approach that would thrive in tomorrow’s digital environment.

A robust and adaptive process

Our dynamic process ingests and analyses datasets in real-time to overcome the challenges posed by the commoditisation of traditional sources of alpha, the siloed expertise and the high-cost structure associated with investment teams. It incorporates the intelligence of the global investment community and leverages a probabilistic lens to assess every opportunity, while eliminating biases.

Kensys was created to offer a sustainable edge

Kensys operates as a multi-manager platform by analyzing diverse perspectives (alpha generation), aggregating signals (portfolio construction) and optimizing portfolios (risk management) to offer its own range of systematic fundamental investing strategies.

Kensys also addresses the need for bespoke, white-labelled investment solutions. We leverage our flexible platform to offer a robust and consistent investment capability. Dedicated datasets combined with our technology provide the edge to build winning investment strategies.

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