Fundamental Investing, as a Science

We started our journey by rethinking the role and value of traditional approaches in an environment characterized by fast and cheap diffusion of information.

Our bottom-up investment philosophy, driven by data and computational statistics, leverages a novel probabilistic approach to companies’ estimates and valuations.

By combining unique fundamental insights and robust machine intelligence, we have created a systematic, unbiased fundamental investment process: every strategy is different but we always follow the same recipe to see upside and risks where most can’t.


Collective Intelligence powered by Global Talent

The evolution of markets is dictated by the decisions of crowds of investors trying to win in a vast global game.

Our proprietary Collective Intelligence framework leverages myriads of opinions, facts and data from the best: sell-side, buy-side, experts, blogs, etc.

We combine independent views to bring multiple perspectives to each investment opportunity and extract powerful investment signals.


Systematic Alpha

We have turned discretionary management into systematic, configurable processes to automate alpha extraction.

While traditional approaches focus on a limited set of opportunities, our AI analyses investment universes unbiased.

We implement truly focused portfolios, always maximizing the impact of our stock selection.

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